Blood Origins.
A vampire novel of love and faith,
by T.Isilwath



Published through iUniverse and Writer's Showcase
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Reviews of Blood Origins (five stars)

From the back cover:

The Balance is in danger and Aiya, Keeper of the Webs, creates Her predator.

Aurek, the first vampire is missing, and Rain is sent to find him. But there are those who fight the Balance and conspire against her. Rain must use all of the resources at her disposal, and the help of both vampire and her own kind, to discover Aurek's whereabouts before it's too late.

Come to a world where the Balance has been disrupted, and killers are brought forth to even the scales. Search for the one who started it all, and discover the truth and betrayal of Earth's first vampire. Enter a story of power and subterfuge, where myths come to life, nothing is what is seems, and love is the only thing that lasts forever.

Blood Origins is not written in the style associated with Count Dracula, but in a much more romantic, humanized style. That means there are no stakes through the heart, garlic or crucifixes. There are no vampire hunters lurking in graveyards or demonic vampires set on defiling poor, hapless virgins. Blood Origins is a love story. It is a story of strength and courage, of faith and the need for Balance in all things.It embraces many concepts found in pagan religions.

It graphically depicts homosexual and heterosexual relationships in a loving, respectful manner.

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The cover was done by the very talented Cynthia Carey.

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